Why does great customer experience always seem out of reach ?

Find out the biggest shortcomings for online brands when engaging with customers

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Missed sales due to poor
pre-sales customer engagement

limechat provides customer support cost reduction

High cost to
maintain a large customer service team

Limechat provides artificial intelligence customer service

Inefficient query resolution leading
to reduced retention

Limechat provides customer engagement

Lack of personalized attention to
potential customers

LimeChat as a Solution

chatbot for e-commerce

Sales Support


Discover and turn visitors into customers


Boost sales and increase conversion rates


Increase average order value

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Customer Support


Resolve queries and reduce support cost

lime chat

Handle refunds and retain customers


Allow easy order modifications

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Whatsapp automation, messenger automation, instagram automation
artificial intelligence customer service

Customer Support.

chat bot

Resolve queries and reduce support cost

online chat

Handle Refunds and Retain Customers

chat with a robot

Allow easy order modifications

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Reduce Costs and Increase Engagement

Increase in Customer Conversion Rate
Savings in Customer Support
Increase in Customer Retention
Increase in Average Order Value

Why Choose LimeChat?

ecommerce / D2C, ai in ecommerce

D2C Focused

LimeChat is dedicated to provide the best of conversational commerce to D2C brands. Our integrations, channels, analytics and technology are custom-built to suit the unique requirements across the value chain of internet-first brands.

India's first level 3 AI chatbot

Level 3 AI Chatbot

LimeChat's level 3 AI chatbot allows super-quick implementation and self-learning to provide human-like conversations. We are proud to introduce a new dimension to chatbot interactions to keep your needs covered.

social commerce, social selling

Omnichannel Presence

Our consumer-centric channels such as WhatsApp, Messenger, and Instagram are a great medium to convert visitors into shoppers. LimeChat enables social commerce with your customers through the medium of their choice.

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